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Completion and Handover

Prior to the completion of your basement a thorough snagging and inspection process will be undertaken.

The client will have the opportunity to inspect the completed works to ensure that they are satisfied and that there are no outstanding matters.

Throughout the construction process the Building Control Officer will have inspected all key stages of the project to ensure compliance with relevant Building Control Legislation.  The Building Control Officer will carry out a final inspection of the works and will issue a Certificate of Compliance with the requirements of Building Regulations which will be passed to the client.

Upon completion of the works the following documentation and certificates will be passed to the client – where applicable.

  • Planning Consent
  • Listed Building Consent
  • Building Regulation Consent
  • Electrical Safety Certificate
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Plans – as built drawings
  • Drainage Layout – as installed
  • Technical Literature relating to installed equipment
  • Manufacturer’s operating instructions for appliances
  • Manufacturer’s equipment guarantees


Handover construction site to the client The handover of the site to the client takes place once the contract administrator has confirmed that the works defined in the contract are complete. However, it should be planned well in advance, and any special requirements included in appointment documents and contracts.

Handover may take place during a handover meeting following an inspection of the site.

During handover the client should be issued with:

  • Keys, fobs and transmitter controls for the development.
  • The health and safety file.
  • The draft building owner's manual.
  • The building log book.
  • A building user's guide.
  • All certificates and warranties in respect of the works.
  • As-built drawings from consultants and specialist suppliers and contractors (or as manufactured and installed). Or an as-constructed building information model.
  • Copies of statutory approvals, waivers, consents and conditions.
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